This page has articles and comments from WOTR readers that I would have liked to print in the magazine but had no room... so I print them here with the name and email address of the author. As always, WOTR and I may or may not agree with the author's views... but this is a free (sorta) country and I have plenty of web space... Miami Mike


Dear Nasty,


YOU are my hero, you should run for president! I loved your stories of Stupid People. We have our share of them here in the Keys too! For example: A customer came in our shop one day and across the street is a brand new building going up. It's very obvious it's a new building, right? Const. guys runnin around and all. Well this customer was looking thru our window at this building & says: "I've never seen that before, is that a new building?" Of course I say: "Duhh! Yeah!, Dumby!"


Another occasion, there was an ambulance coming down the street, lights flashing, sirens wailing, obviously in a big hurry, well, a;; of the vehicles in front of him & around him suddenly STOPPED DEAD! ALL of them! The ambulance couldn;t get around ANY of them, there was almost a multiple crash! Instead of pulling off the road like you're supposed to, which there was plenty of room, they all stopped in their tracks... Dummies.


Yes our world is full of "stupid" people. I think it should be required by law to have a bumper sticker or helmet sticker ALWAYS visible that says: "Stupid People Suck."


Thanks, Nasty, you always manage to brighten my day. Keep it up!


Janet, Mama Joe's Cycles & Stuff






My wife wrote this for our December 2001 issue.  I liked it so much that I'm sending it around to a few biker rags to use if they want.


I'm still looking for that beer and a chance to watch the sun set in the Keys. 



Publisher, Dixie Rider Magazine


What I want for Christmas.

It never fails. Sometime around December 23rd, Sweetie Pie will ask me what I want for Christmas.  He does it ever year.  And every year I tell him that it really doesn't matter because all I really want is his love and affection.  (quit laughing, I'm serious)

Never mind that for the past 3 months Iíve been hitting him over the head with subtle suggestions and hints about various and sundry consumer goods that cost anywhere between $2.00 and $20,000. (I like giving him a wide variety to pick from) He still doesnít get it.

This year is no different. Iíll bet you a dollar to a donut that he canít tell you one thing that Iíve said I like. I started telling him back in September that Iíd like another pair of my favorite brand of blue jeans. I saw a motorcycle just last month that I know I would just love. A week after that I pointed out a nice necklace in Daytona that would look georgous draped seductively around my neck. Donít think Iím holding my breath waiting to see any of those things under the tree Christmas morning.

I have to tell a secret on him at this point and he had better not edit this out. (If he does Mrs Claus wonít give him his Christmas treat, if he knows what I mean!!) Anyway, my Sweetie Pie writes me a poem every Christmas. Itís the only gift that I demand. Iíve saved them all and even though some of them are sappy and some are way too deep for me to understand, I love them all.

I cherish these scraps of paper and bits of ink, not because of any great literary value, but because each one represents a part of his soul that he gave to me. Iíve come to understand that the greatest gift we can give someone is a piece of our soul. It is at the same time the most valuable and least expensive gift we can give.

As motorcycle enthuasists we are constantly riding in poker runs and toy runs to raise money or toys for a sick child or a cancer patient, or a family who has lost a provider in an accident. Itís what we do. We donít do these things for glory or recognition. Most of us do these things because it makes us feel good. That warm fuzzy feeling we get inside when we see a childís face light up, or the hug we get from a widow that says "thank you for caring." Itís worth the $20 bucks or so we put in the pot at the start of the ride. At least it is for me.

But the money isnít the key. Sure, it helps and so far as I know, itís the only thing that the grocery store, the power company and the phone company will accept. Yet what really gives us the most joy and satisfaction is that we gave of our time, and our soul. We silently told that person that WE CARE. Thatís what makes us human, ultimately thatís what makes us divine.

This Christmas, take the time to show someone you love that you care. Itís not a big investment, but it will pay off in ways you canít begin to imagine. You may not have enough courage to write a poem, like Sweetie Pie does, but you can write a love note. Just pretend youíre back in high school and tell him or her exactly how you feel. It even works with your children.

Do your gift giving differently this year. Play a game of "treasure hunt" where each gift gives clues about where the next one is hidden. I still fondly remember the year when I had to search all over the house for inexpensive gifts until the final gift, (a $100 ring) was hidden in the goldfish tank. I squealed with childish delight so that you wouldíve thought It was a 2 carat diamond.

I hope your dreams come true this Christmas and your stockings are full. May the love of our Lord Jesus fill your heart with peace and happiness. Until next month, ride safe and enjoy the view.

Sylvia Cochran


From: jody swett
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2001 10:37 PM
Subject: united we stand

Dear Miami Mike,

Since moving here to Florida almost a year ago, I have come to look forward to your monthly publication. It is the best. After reading through the last issue and with the events following the horrible  disaster to our country on September 11, I felt the need to sit with pen in hand and write down my feelings. But what good does it do if no one can read it and also let go of similar feelings? So your magazine came to mind. Whether you publish this or not I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my feelings and thoughts with other bikers who may be thinking along the same line.
Also, while I have your attention!! How does  a column, somewhat like Dear Abby sound? This I can do. There ae those of us to shy to speak out and need an outlet. "Dear Biker Bitch". Think about it. Thanks JoJo
In my fifty years I have grown to love and respect my country. I stood proud and tall in grade school next to my friends to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. I sang the Star Bangle Banner loud and clear at football and basketball games. I cried over the graves of friends who lost their lives in Viet Nam defending my freedom and fighting for my country.
I am an American citizen. I am proud to live in this country.
Since the attack on America September 11, Americans have been under attack by people complaining that our patriotism is offensive, that we may be offending certain cultures.
 I am sorry for these misguided people - this is America.
I have learned that our country is mostly comprised of descendents of immigrants.These people chose to come to America. They wanted to become Americans. It is time for them to learn to act and think like the rest of us American born.
Our patriotism and love of our country should not offend anyone, it should impress them.
The American way is what our brothers, uncles, sons, fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers fought for over the years. We have no wish to change what we cherish.
The future of our nation remains as strong as ever. So to those who come here to  our country to be a part of it - BE PREPARED!
 Be prepared to learn our language, wave our stars and stripes, sing our National anthem and fight beside us to preserve our great country. And once here, if you cant conform to the American way...we wish you a safe trip back to where you came from. God Bless America.